About Us

Our Story

FIT was born when Dan started routesetting. Wanting to create unique routes with volumes from his imagination, he experimented with different materials and techniques until he developed the current FIT volumes. Even today, we strive to constantly improve our products and expand our selection so that you have access to better volumes and holds, inspiring you to create your best routes!

Wood volumes

Here is what to expect from FIT volumes

Image Description 1
¾ baltic birch plywood

Smooth hardwood surface equals uniform texture
Image Description 2
Industrial T-Nuts

Threadless part helps align the screw
Image Description 3
Steel washers

Robust and solid design
Image Description 4
Screwed rubber ring

Protects your volumes during storage
Image Description 5
Roung edges

Comfortable, even for dynamic movements
Image Description 6
Sanded corners

Reduces the chances of chipping


5mm of tough fiberglass covered with the texture FIT.

Image Description 1

Tough washers

Nicely integrated in the fiber

Image Description 2

45 degrees lip

Almost impossible to crimp

Image Description 3

FIT Texture

Solid color

Image Description 4

Unique shapes

And more to come!!